Ultimate Rod Holder Accessories

The "Ultimate Rod Holder" accessory range is the proven, quality Jetskifishing brand on the global market. All products are hand crafted with highest standard of marine fabrication, with no cost cutting taken. The "Ultimate Rod Holder" fishing kit is the original design now distributed throughout the world, with over 1,000 kits being put through their paces. Beware of imitations, all "Ultimate Rod Holders" are etched with a plaque as pictured below, check for the real mccoy, or call us to confirm you are getting what you are paying for. Some clients have contacted us recently after requesting from retailers an  "Ultimate Rod Holder" to find out after the fact they have only paid for a cheap copy! We now only manufacture the larger 51 litre kit (available in colour, white or blue) and offer a premium level of customer service.

Our original Ultimate Rod Holders are exported all around the world at an additional cost of $70 AUS ($80 NZ) for Australian orders and $130 US ($180 NZ) for USA and UK orders. Call or email us for further information.

Use our currency convertor link to see how much better our price is with your strong dollar. http://www.xe.com/pca/input.php?Amount=1&FromSelect=NZD&ToSelect=USD

Other "Ultimate" accessories include, stainless fish finder brackets, ultimate reel covers(for reel protection), ultimate jet-ski nets, ultimate bait trays to suit various brands including Icey-Tek and Igloo, ultimate catch bags and stainless double battery boxes.

  • Jetskifishing Store - Bucklands Beach, Auckland 2012 N.Z PH 021 864 560

or JFK's Powersports, Mt Wellington stock our full range of Ultimate Accessories.

To view our wider range of Ultimate Accessories, print out our DLE Flyer


Pictured below the custom 51 litre Ultimate Rod Holder (Maxi) on a 2008 Sea-Doo RXP

New to the Ultimate accessory line is the Ultimate Bait Tray, quality fabricated stainless allowing easy storage of soft baits within the Igloo Chilly Bin. The Ultimate Bait Tray is available in two models to suit the Igloo 38 litre or Igloo 51 litre.