September 15, 2017

Big fish and fun times!

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is seeing clients and good friends enjoying the social trips while fishing some amazing locations in our beautiful country. Last weekend we were fishing the Far North in New Zealand - Doubtless Bay. The venue location allows us to conveniently choose different launching access, depending on what the weather is on the day! You don't have to ride far either! On the days I fished, I used no more than 10 litres of fuel to catch my fish while trialing the latest Sea-Doo GTi 90. The platform is a great entry level ski and an affordable way to fish. It is ideal for inshore adventures when not requiring the top end speed and luxuries that the larger skis have.  Check out my latest video, catching fish off the Sea-Doo GTi 90 in some challenging conditions.

Amongst all our Jetskifishing phrases like "Living the Dream", one of the most true is "Do the miles get the smiles" - these road trips always prove it. Check out some of the amazing catches from our guests.

Our Jetskifishing social trips are the best way to meet people enjoying the sport and to learn more about catching fish. Some of the feedback below will give you some insight into why these events are proving so popular! 

August 25, 2017

Work-up mayhem!

This is my 150th Jetskifishing report and on this adventure I witnessed nature at its best! Fishing within the Hauraki Gulf, I hunted the Gannets to locate an action packed work-up that lasted for over an hour. The intensity was so close to the ski, consciously I was checking my head was protected for any wayward Gannets. Enjoy the footage and if you subscribe to my YouTube channel you can receive all my latest videos first.

Here is the location of my latest fishing, I would expect the work-ups to hold in this area over the next few weeks. Play it safe and be sure to have all the necessary safety equipment on hand for adventures of this level.

Join in with the many exciting Jetskifishing events coming up over the next few months. Our last social trip for the year only has a few spots left.

Cheers, Andrew Hill 

July 24, 2017

Plenty of good fish at this time of year!

The cold weather is definetly here, but don't let that stop you getting out there and enjoying the great winter fishing! I have been fishing close to home and have been finding some nice sized Snapper in 15 to 30 metres of water. Three weeks in a row, I have caught plenty of fish at the bottom end of Waiheke Island and I expect the area to fish well for at least another month. Each trip I have had plenty of action on the New Penny Nemesis and because it is a larger bait, the average fish has been around 50cm, some really nice size eating.

The main factor which gives me the extra edge to my 'catching' is the quality electronics. I locate the structure, scouting the drop offs, using the extra detailed Navionics Platinum Fish Data. I like to fish in the strongest area of current and use the sounder to hunt the fish in these areas. Since turning on the zoom feature on my Raymarine ES78 the anticipation of fish sign has added some extra success and further excitement with my soft baiting.

Here is the general route I have been heading for my latest adventures from Bucklands Beach, the map is downloaded from my on board tracker. Another option to shorten the ride, is to launch from Kawakawa Bay. If you join their club you can make use of the members ramp and facilities.

Enjoy some video action of how easy the soft baiting is of late, don't give up on softbaits, as it is worth persisting.

There are plenty of bait fish in the area too and be sure to be ready for any Kingfish! Check out another of my recent videos.

Join in with the exciting Jetskifishing events coming up over the next few months. Our last social trip for the year is in September, don't miss out on one of the remaining spots.

Cheers, Andrew Hill 

July 03, 2017

Winter Jetskifishing for big fish!

It has been a busy few weeks including just hosting my latest Jetskifishing education seminar. It was really great to see plenty of interest from a massive group of Jetskifisho's who were eager to learn more about the sport.
With over 10 years of Jetskifishing experience, it still amazes me that there is always something to be learnt from every adventure. Sharing many of these experiences with other anglers can certainly save others lots of time and money, so they can enjoy the sport to its full potential. There were so many of the attendees of the seminar interested in learning more about soft baiting.  With most of the queries around which jig weights I use, as many who arent catching fish haven't been using enough weight to get the baits to the bottom. I personally use 1oz minimum. Most importantly you need to use the appropriate size/length jig head, so the hook is the necessary distance down the bait. If the hook is too short/high, the fish will likely just grab the tail off your bait!
For those new to the sport, it was also an introduction to Ultimate Reel Covers.

They are the only sure way to save your gear from salt water spray, a top priority investment for your kit. Jetskifishing is a harsh environment and your fishing tackle will receive long-term damage that will unnecessarily cost lots of money and also affect the performance of your gear.

There were plenty of aspects of the sport covered in my latest seminar, in particular the importance of safety. Some vital equipment needed for anglers jetskifishing are a Handheld VHF and Personal Locator Beacon, its amazing that there are still many people that are yet to add this to their basic kit. Safety is paramount, please take advantage of my best priced safety gear. There was also education on reboarding a ski from deep water and how this is done. The NZ Jetskifishing Club is offering a safety drill this coming Sunday, great time for people to join the club so they can be involved.

I will be hosting more seminars throughout the year, keep watching my Facebook Page for more dates coming soon.

Between all the events, work and club activities I managed to fit in some fishing for myself and rewarded with another 20 pound Snapper. This was caught at a location which we will be holding our upcoming September Social Trip. On this latest fishing adventure, the rig used was the 2oz Elevator Rig with a Gulp - Salmon Grub.  This bait sure has caught plenty of big fish, enjoy the latest catch on VIDEO

There was also plenty of Kingfish, check out the VIDEO of the strain they put on the softbait gear.

There are lots of exciting Jetskifishing events coming up over the next few months. Join one of the social trips and sign up to the New Zealand Jetskifishing Club so you can learn more and really enjoy the sport.

Cheers, Andrew Hill

June 13, 2017

Learning more about Jetskifishing

We have just arrived back from another amazing Jetskifishing social trip. The luxurious venue made for just as much fun off the water. This was another capactity trip, with a few new faces joining us and they really enjoyed the company of our experienced anglers who shared their knowledge.

The highlights of these experiences for me is hearing what our guests learn, seeing the improvements to their skills, the excitement of anglers catching personal best fish and the friendships they make by meeting like minded people.

Our next adventure is back up to Doubtless Bay in September, the Monster Snapper Hunt includes $2,500 in CASH PRIZES. Sign up now to avoid missing out, as over half the spots have already sold (limited to only 35 skis)

Check out the latest pictures of our Pauanui trip, additional album at the Jetskifishing Facebook Page.

The venue car parks were at capacity once our convoy of Jetskifishers arrived.

As with all our social trips, it wasn't long before guests had teamed up with others to head out on their fishing adventures.

Plenty of Snapper caught and also a few Kingfish!

The Jetskifishing experiences also have plenty of fun of the water, with other activities to get everyone involved with.

Read our recent groups feedback at the Jetskifishing Facebook Page. I look forward to seeing you involved at one of the next events.


May 26, 2017

Soft baiting for more big Snapper

After a busy 4 days at New Zealand's largest boat show representing Jetskifishing, I took the opportunity to recharge by heading away for some fishing. My pick combo again for soft baiting was the Daiwa BG2500 with the Coastal Rod and it was a great challenge with the Northland Snapper. Check out the gear rig I use with some video of the action.

Plenty of strain put on this light set with some seriously addictive fun and huge fight to land this angry 15 pounder.

Days likes this you want the best gear as the fish were pulling some serious string!


May 12, 2017

Results of the JFK Powersports King of Jetskifishing # 15

This was another amazing event with a massive turnout of Jetskifisho's including many new faces enjoying the sport. Check out our latest video with highlights from the day. Many pics are on the Jetskifishing Facebook page, if you have a cool product and would like to be involved with sponsoring the next event, please email

Congrats to Matt Cotton who took out the top prize, receiving $1,000 cash and the title 'King of Jetskifishing'. 

King of JSF # 15 full results as follows:

McMURDO Kids Heaviest Snapper

1st  Jack Walker - 2.55kg, 2nd Cooper Hill - 1.70kg, 3rd Alex Johnson - .8kg

DAIWA Heaviest Other Species

1st Dave Purdy - Skip Jack 1.55kg, 2nd Stu Meadows - Skip Jack 1.50kg, 3rd Kirsty Walker - Skip Jack 1.50kg

BERKLEY Heaviest Kingfish

1st Lucky Draw, 2nd Lucky Draw, 3rd Lucky Draw

VAC PRO Heaviest Kahawai

1st Adrian Hubbard - 2.55kg, 2nd Charlie Pou - 2.3kg, 3rd Gavin Stone - 2.2kg

NZ JETSKIFISHING CLUB Legend of Jetskifishing

 Dennis Pou - 3 species, 8.65kg

BERKLEY Average Weight Snapper

Clinton Ballot - 2.30kg

JFK POWERSPORTS King of Jetskifishing, Heaviest Snapper

1st Matt Cotton - 8.1kg, 2nd Dennis Pou - 6.3kg, 3rd Charlie Pou - 5.05kg, 4th Pete BG - 4.6kg, 5th John Hickey - 4.2kg